About Grameen

Grameen America

Our vision is to help create a world free of poverty. We predict a market where any individual with a dream can receive affordable financial products regardless of income, previous credit history, education, or business experience.

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The Yunus Centre

Since October 2006, when Professor Yunus and Grameen Bank jointly received the Nobel Peace Prize, local and international interest in Professor Yunus’ work has continuously increased. In order to address this ever-growing attention, Yunus created an organization aimed primarily at promoting and disseminating Professor Yunus’ philosophy, with a special focus on social business.

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Grameen Health

In establishing Grameen Health (GH), we aim to extend the success microfinance to health care. The mission of Grameen Health (GH) is to establish sustainable best practices in a broad range of health care services for a broad market including the poor.

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Grameen Research

Grameen Research, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation with a mission to provide research, training and other support in the field of microfinance and other services for low income populations.

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Grameen Trust

The Grameen Trust is a financial organization that operates in support of Grameen Bank style programs and services aimed at reducing poverty. They offer training and technical assistance to national and international organizations supporting Grameen Bank replication initiatives.

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