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The ‘To Catch A Dollar’ online community wants to see a Grameen America branch in Atlanta.

Atlanta still needs help raising all the necessary funds. Make a donation to Grameen America and help empower more entrepreneurs in Atlanta and throughout the United States. Visit to make a donation today.


Immigrants from Africa, Asia and Latin America have changed metro Atlanta. In all, one in 10 people in metro Atlanta was born outside the United States.

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One of America’s most beloved cities, Chicago has always been a major financial, transportation and distribution hub for the midwestern United States and beyond.

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Los Angeles

The nation’s second largest city, Los Angeles is also among its most diverse. Los Angeles is the first stop for a lot of new arrivals from Latin America and Asia, and many of these new residents live and work below the poverty line.

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Washington DC

Washington DC, once thought of as largely supported by government institutions, has experienced tremendous growth in the private sector over the past ten years.

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