April Outreach

Following the Film Kickoff, ToCatchADollar.com will be kicking off four weeks of exclusive content – here is plan as of March 15 (subject to change)

We encourage everyone to sign up and help spread the word, thus increasing economic self sufficiency and literacy across the United States. Each week we will have new content, videos, an activity, and a webinar for those interested in becoming more involved and educated on the specific subject. Each week, visitors on the site can vote for a city to receive the text-to-give funds.

Week 1 (April 4-8)

Women in Poverty: Parallels between the United States and the World
Partners: FITE/Dermalogica, Dress for Success

In this first week of the campaign, we will explore the poverty epidemic affecting women in America, including its causes, consequences for entire families, what’s being done to correct the situation and how microfinance is part of the solution. We will draw parallels between the situations here in America and those in the developing world, and show the American public that we are not immune to the effects of poverty.

Week 2 (April 11-15)

The Unbanked of America
Partner: Operation HOPE

This week, we will expose our audiences to the harsh financial realities facing millions of individuals living in the fringe economy in this country without access to banking services. Participants will follow along as we highlight the situation – and the stories of those who live unbanked, including the pitfalls of predatory lending. We will be incorporating Operation HOPE’S ‘HOPE centers,’ community centers
serving low-income individuals throughout the country, into the week’s events.

Week 3 (April 18-22)

Savings in America
Partners: Dress for Success and Operation HOPE

We will work with our partners to explore savings in our country and provide to participants access to tools and resources that will help them with their own financial stability. We will focus on financial literacy and stability, including highlighting Dress for Success’s financial literacy program for the women they serve.

Week 4 (April 25-29)

Microfinance and Policy Solutions that Invest in America’s Main Streets & Communities
TCAD Partners: RESULTS and Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO)

Our four-weeks of activity will culminate in an exploration of different policy solutions under consideration and provide participants with actions they can take to effect public policy change. We will also use the opportunity to review our month of activity and to preview the upcoming announcement of the winner of our Grameen America contest. The Catch a Dollar campaign’s policy week will
focus on “Investing in America’s Main Streets and Communities”. Within this area, we’ll highlight opportunities for policymakers to strengthen the domestic microfinance field to help Americans start their own small businesses, and support all Americans to build wealth and pursue the American Dream.


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