The Inspiring Story of Muhammad Yunus, the Father of Micro-Finance

As a team member at Operation HOPE, which is a national partner of the To Catch a Dollar campaign, I had an opportunity to attend a special screening of the film “To Catch A Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America.

I really didn’t know what to expect from generic viagra cheap the film. I had only heard that Grameen America was a micro-lender that was looking to expand in Queens, NY. What I saw was both generic cialis best inspirational and motivational.

Many of us need someone to believe in what we are trying to do and to help us get started. Individuals are often just looking for a helping hand, rather than a handout. When we are falling, we may also need a hand to prop us up and support us. Mr. Muhammad Yunus is that helping and supporting hand. His faith and trust in helping to serve a population that viagra online cheap is so often overlooked and dismissed, serves as a reminder that there are still those individuals who look to put the needs of others in front of their individual need of lining their pockets.

I want to encourage everyone to attend the March 31st special theatrical event screening of the film followed by an exclusive panel discussion featuring: Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Muhammed Yunus, Father of Modern Microfinance with Special Guest, Financial Powerhouse, Suze Orman, Author of the new book: “The Money Class: Learn to Create your New American Dream”.

Check out the trailer below and find a theater near you by visiting the To Catch a Dollar website here. You can also follow the movie and its campaign to raise awareness about micro-finance on Facebook and Twitter, as well as watch videos and interviews about To Catch A Dollar on the film’s YouTube page.

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