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Events Across the Country on March 31 for Release of To Catch A Dollar = Golden Outreach Opportunity

This screening will be a great event which you can invite your local network (allies, donors, local congressional staff) to attend. There is a possibility your group could host a table at the theater or even do a short announcement to those in attendance after the event. This film offers a chance to educate those interested in poverty, or the work of Muhammad Yunus and microcredit.

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My First Bona-Fide Film Screening: Heading to New York City for 'To Catch A Dollar' Event Tonight

To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America follows women borrowers who are participating in domestic microfinance programs here in the U.S., pioneered by Nobel laureate and RESULTS Board member Muhammad Yunus.

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Momentum Builds For To Catch A Dollar

On Monday, April 18, RESULTS Santa Fe and our local Whole Foods hosted a post-To Catch a Dollar gathering at the Whole Foods Community Room.

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