Money was never a topic of discussion in my family when I was growing up. However, Isaw the strain that was caused from the lack of not having enough resources to create a budget and support basic necessities. I remember hearing my mother repeating the phrase “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” I just couldn’t understand why almost everyone I knew was struggling to make ends meet. How did this happen to so many people in my family and community?

In today’s economic times it is imperative that EVERYONE has an understanding of their finances in order to take preventative measures towards financial disorder. Had I been taught financial literacy prior my first job, I would have made better choices with the money I earned. There are so many areas of financial literacy that I need to learn such as reestablishing credit, how to reduce debt, creating an emergency fund, following a written budget, the different types of IRAs, and maximizing a company’s 401k or 403b.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to take the Financial Literacy Program offered by Dress for Success! Educating myself in finance will empower both me and my children to take charge of the income we accumulate and to manage debt so that it doesn’t consume us. I am a giver and I know that by being proactive in my financial life, my children will learn from my example that it is never too late to change your future.

- Shaquan

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