Financial Literacy

The gulf between rich and poor Americans is widening, and this expanding inequality is threatening the very concept of the American Dream. While our society has created stereotypes about what it means to be poor, the fact is that financial instability threatens Americans across the middle class – millions of middle class Americans are one pink slip or medical emergency away from financial crisis. For those living below the poverty line – life continues as a struggle. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 43.6 million people in poverty in America in 2013 and 73 million people living in America without access to a savings account or the ability to borrow money for housing, transportation or entrepreneurial opportunities that provide pathways out of poverty.

Clearly, financial literacy and financial stability weigh heavily on the minds of all Americans today. The current financial crisis has driven home how close Americans really are to financial distress. Our lack of financial literacy compounds the problem and cuts a broad swath through society from those living in poverty to the middle class and beyond.



Women In Poverty

Though they perform 66 percent of the work and produce 50 percent of the food, women only earn 10 percent of the world’s income and own 1 percent of the property.

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The Unbanked of America

73 million Americans live without access to financial services in this country, cornering nearly one in four of our neighbors in financial stability. It is critical to spread awareness.

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Savings in America

Financial literacy is critical for our society, yet it remains a significant hurdle for Americans of all incomes – from those living in poverty to middle class families.

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Get involved!

Support is needed for public policy initiatives relating to our cause. A number of initiatives that can assist our cause are underway and need support!

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How Microfinance & Group Lending Works

Grameen America requires prospective borrowers to form or join a group of five members, who meet weekly. These groups are organized into “centers”, with 3 to 6 groups to a center. Centers meet weekly in borrowers’ homes or a local community center. The group and center model encourages a culture of financial responsibility where peer-support leads to 99% rate of repayment. The group also serves as a social network of voluntary mutual support, as members are individually responsible for their own loans, they are expected to voluntarily provide assistance to their peers where needed.

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Support the Cause

In an unprecedented initiative, you can help establish the first publicly funded Grameen America branch in the United States. Your donation will help more Americans lift themselves and their families our of poverty.

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