Join Operation HOPE in National Volunteer Week


“Service binds us to each other and to our community and to our country in a way that nothing else can.”

- President Barack Obama

In support of our 5 MILLION KIDS Initiative, HOPE Corps launched a 5% service movement to recruit and train 25,000 volunteers to empower the members of our communities in the financial literacy and the language of money. By doing this, we would create a “tipping point” of positive role models and make the unexpected become expected. Renters will become home owners, small business dreamers will become small business owners, the youth will see education as relevant to their future and being smart will be “cool” again.

For this to be successful, Operation HOPE cannot do this alone. We launched this initiative and more than 14,000 of you responded to this call to action and signed up to volunteer your time as a HOPE Corps member. That is astounding! With your help, we have educated nearly 550,000 youth with Banking on Our Future, (HOPE Center data)…

April 10-16, 2011 is National Volunteer Week and we would like to take this opportunity to CELEBRATE your contributions and dedication to Operation HOPE and the members of your local communities. You took action and stepped up in a big way and we truly appreciate your support!

We still need additional role models to teach out youth and let them know that education is relevant to their future success and being smart is cool! If you are interested in learning about HOPE Corps and the volunteer opportunities available at Operation HOPE, please contact Shannon Campbell by phone at (213) 891-2900 or by email at

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