Women In Poverty

Though they perform 66 percent of the world’s work and produce 50 percent of the world’s food, women only earn 10 percent of the word’s income and own 1 percent of the world’s property. This is just one fact of many you’ll learn throughout our long-term campaign highlighting major themes in the film, which began April 4th with a week’s focus on Women in Poverty. Our campaign partners FITE and Dress for Success have brought you special blogs and videos, and you’ll also learn about how they are working to help women in poverty and what you can do to help. Check back every day for new content, and please share on Facebook and Tweet about it!

NEW Bonus Material: Dermalogica Entrepreneur Stories April 11-15

Dermalogica brings the stories and profiles of several of the salon owners and skin therapists they helped onto the path to financial independence.

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Ask our bloggers a question

Throughout the month of April we will have guest bloggers, ranging from top executives, to microcredit borrowers, to entrepreneurs, to volunteers. We encourage you to join the national conversation on poverty, women’s empowerment, financial literacy & independence, and solutions.

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Reflections: Friday, April 8

To conclude the week, Dermalogica Owner Jane Wurwand shares some thoughts about To Catch a Dollar and what Los Angeles has meant to her as Dermalogica's home base.

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Support Systems: Thursday, April 7

Today we bring you stories of support systems women entrepreneurs need--whether it come in the form of non-profit organizations like Dress for Success and Grameen America, or simply their family and friends.

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Hard Work & Discipline: Wednesday, April 6

Making a dream happen has more to do than just wanting it, and our bloggers today know the significance of the hard work and discipline that goes into pursuing a dream.

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Pursuing a Dream: Tuesday, April 5

Explore more stories and enjoy videos, blogs, and featured statements from Dress for Success and joinFITE.

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Introduction: Monday, April 4

We launch this week's campaign theme of Women in Poverty with special messages from the top executives from our campaign partners, joinFITE and Dress for Success: Jane Wurwand, founder & owner of Dermalogica, and Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success.

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