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I am proud to be a native New Englander. Here in the Northeast, we like to saythings like, “Stop complaining and pick up a shovel.” Or, my personal favorite, from Mother Jones: “Don’t mourn, organize.” I wore that message in the form of a button until it fell off my jean-jacket.

New Englanders like to dig in and get things done. We are do-ers. You might call it Yankee ingenuity, in which case you’d be surprised to see the diversity of our community here in Burlington. More than 5,300 refugees have been resettled in Vermont since 1989, from countries as diverse as Burma, Bhutan, Somalia, Bosnia, and Vietnam. It’s not all maple syrup and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (even though we love them both)!

We manage to keep our small town charm yet have always considered ourselves part of the world at large. And we have always felt an obligation to be of service. Our regional culture here is progressive intellectually, but conservative financially, which may be the best of both worlds.

This is why Dermalogica is my preferred skin care brand, and why everyone at my spa and in our community is fired up about FITE! I have been spreading the message of FITE via my business’ Facebook page, so the word is out!

I was really excited to learn that Dermalogica had expanded its educational and philanthropic outreach to a global level. We are currently planning to host an event focused on the FITE initiative, just one of the many community outreach projects I promote within my business.

I opened my salon seven years ago, as a one-woman show. Now, our team consists of me plus nine employees. My mom, who is a staunch feminist and a fantastic role model, lent me the money to open my business. Prior to that, I had learned the ropes of the salon business by apprenticing with professional women who were willing to share their knowledge with a novice.

I am multi-licensed, including massage and skin care. With my undergraduate degree in pre-med, I had originally planned on being a physician’s assistant; now I am know as Burlington’s Brazilian Wax maven. Who knew? I was lucky in so many ways, in all of these respects: strong mother, feminist upbringing, apprenticeship, mentored by other strong professional women, family support of a financial opportunity.

I know that not everyone is so lucky and this I why I whole heartedly support FITE. I myself am a divorced single mom raising a fantastic son, and I can tell you, the notion of “balance” is a joke. In addition to being his mom and running the salon full-time, I participate in at least one networking event per week, and it seems like I’m on every committee in town.

But I’m not complaining—remember, I am a New Englander and we don’t go in for that kind of thing. And, I feel that this involvement is what we should demand of ourselves. It’s what defines community, whether it’s your town, or your planet. Then I imagine what life might be like for someone else who is a single mother, in business for herself, without the powerful, life-giving “beehive” of support which hums all around me, every day. It just makes me want to dig deeper and give more. Join me andjoinFITE by lending to another woman who may just need a hand up, not a hand out.

Cynthea Wight Hausman, owner
Cynthea’s Spa
Burlington, VT

About Cynthea

Cynthea Wight Hausman, age 44, is a licensed esthetician, nail technician, 20 year veteran sports massage therapist and the owner of Cynthea’s Spa, a petite urban day spa in the heart of Burlington, Vermont’s Church Street Marketplace.

Cynthea grew up in Cambridge, MA at the heels of her single mother as she attended Harvard night school. Her mother is the first person in their family to earn a college degree and went on to earn a Master’s degree from Leslie College. Cynthea followed in her footsteps becoming the second person in their family to earn and undergraduate degree from Johnson State College and a Masters Degree from Saint Michael’s College in Curriculum Development. In 1984, Cynthea became a member of the United States National Luge Team. She competed nationally and internationally representing the USA in World Cup, World Championships races and as Alternate to the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. After her retirement from Luge in 1995 she finished her undergraduate degree, began her master’s degree and was recruited to the US America’s Cup Bobsled Team.

Cynthea found her next calling after working as an esthetician, massage therapist, nail technician and makeup artist at Stephen and Burns Salon and Spa. She was able to go into business for herself with her mother’s support. In the seven years that Cynthea has owned her own business her one-person shop has grown to 9 employees and more than doubled its square footage.

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