Carmen Almonte

Carmen Almonte is a participant in Dress for Success’s Financial Literacy Program. To ask Carmen a question, go here.

April 7, 2011

I attended a Dress for Success event when I was told about the Dress for Success Financial Literacy Program. As someone that takes advantage of any and all the opportunities life throws my way, the first thing I said was “sign me up!”  I needed to take a course like this because I felt out of the loop with handling my finances and needed to become more financially savvy.  I went to the first session and was hooked! I was learning so much and wanted to learn even more.


The presenters brought a wealth of knowledge to each meeting, but, perhaps more importantly, they were very enthusiastic in teaching us this vital information.  I started to apply what I learned right away.  I know the most important lesson is to save as much as I can, so I use coupons when shopping, drink the coffee in the office and brown bag my lunch instead of buying it each day.  I now split my direct deposit so a portion of each paycheck goes directly to my savings account and I am thinking of opening a CD to save even more.  I learned how to do my banking online and the importance of knowing my credit score. I am very thankful to have participated in the Financial Literacy Program.  It opened up my eyes to the importance of being prepared for the future because you never know what the future holds for you.

It is so important to understand your finances.  It is also so important to be open to learning new things.  You never know what will change your life, so make sure you are equipped to make the best choices you can!


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