Grameen Stories

Meet a few of the film’s micro-entrepreneurs. These women pledged to help themselves work their way out of poverty. Here are their stories.


Elizabeth has received four loans from Grameen America totaling $12,800 (1st loan $3000, 2nd $1800, 3rd $4000, 4th $4000). She works as a beautician in Corona, Queens where she pays $500 to rent one chair. Elizabeth uses her loans to purchase hair products for her clients.

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Patricia came from Guyana with the dream of using her passion for cooking and baking to have her own catering business. She enrolled herself in a cooking school to improve the quality of her business and understand the requirements of food control for the United States.

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Blanca has one vendor space in Elmhurst, Queens that sells a variety of merchandise including hats, dolls, and sports jerseys primarily for soccer. Through the Grameen America loan program, Blanca continues to develop strong assets and increase her level of income.

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Maria sells shoes as part of her hair salon business in Elmhurst, Queens. Maria has been able to maintain the business and establish a healthy savings of $4500 at Citibank from the earnings made through shoe sales and salon clients. The earnings have also allowed her to pay for one employee.

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