Patricia has received loans totaling $10,800 (1st $3000, 2nd $3600, 3rd $4200) from Grameen America.  She has a catering business that is run from her home in St. Albans, Queens.  Patricia came from Guyana with the dream of using her passion for cooking and baking to have her own catering business. She enrolled herself in a cooking school to improve the quality of her business and understand the requirements of food control in the United States.

As a member of Grameen America, she has been able to increase production, which in turn has increased her business through the acquisition of better equipment.  Patricia has invested more than $20,000 and has a weekly savings capacity of $5-$10.  She has been able to save approximately $2700 in the Grameen Savings program at Citibank and earns $300 week from daily food sale and $800-$1500 per special occasion.  Special occasion jobs include weddings, baby showers, parties, etc.  Through the Grameen loan program and progress in her catering business, Patricia was able to find and rent a restaurant space near her home as a central business location.  Presently, the restaurant space in is in the last stages of preparation, completing all necessary equipment regulations and acquisitions of permissions.  Patricia is planning a grand opening this spring.

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